ADSL connection - Ethernet

Belgacom ADSL box + Ethernet 10/100 card
Belgacom ADSL Box
59,00 €
1,00 € recupel incl.
Belgacom ADSL Modem Thomson Ethernet
+ U.S.Robotics 10/100 Ethernet card
+ free installation *

Belgacom ADSL and USRobotics Ethernet card
* Offer reserved to the private individual for an installation in Belgium and a configuration respecting the necessary basic configuration. Valid within the limit of stocks available, register your e-mail address in the box then click on the button to be informed of the availability: (Privacy statement.)
Required configuration
  • Analogous phone line PSTN (No ISDN, Duo or Twin), without phonecentral nor phone alarm.
  • 5 poles phone plug.
  • Operating system: Windows 98/98 se/Me/XP/2000/NT 4.0, SCO UNIX or NetWare.
  • One 2.2 or more compliant PCI slot available.
  • Harddrive space for driver: 500Ko.
  • 2x or more speed CD-ROM drive for installation CD.
Possible extensions(not included)
Diagram of a possible extension
  • Ethernet HUB or Switch for 2 to 4 PCs (depends on ADSL service)
  • Ethernet Router for 2 or more PCs.
  • Wireless Ethernet Networking hardware.
These extentions require an additionnal Ethernet card for each additionnal PCs.
Belgacom, Belgacom ADSL, Thomson and USRobotics are registered trade marks of their respective owners.
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